wb023199This end of April fake spring thing is giving me the gears. It’s raining. Only 4 degrees. Saturday. I’d planned on finishing some yard work – raking up all of the clippings and dead vegetation from the perennial beds and piling it into the cart for when the tractor comes back from it’s spring tune-up at the farm equipment garage. I could put on my rubber boots and raincoat, but I figure we should be in light jackets basking in the sun, not shivering in fleece and heavy work gloves. But honestly, I just don’t feel like doing anything but crawling back into bed.

Mind you, things could be worse. pornstar I could be looking for a new occupation. I’m not sure if this person is an old babe who doesn’t like undergarments or a grumpy guy with serious man-boobs. My first laugh of the day.

I stepped on the scale this morning, confident that I’d shed another pound or so. Nada. No movement. Zip. I flt like zipping that scale out the window. I guess after my euphoria last week at losing two pounds, I have to accept that my body has gone back to ‘fat hoarding mode’. What ticks me off even more is that I didn’t have wine with dinner, no cookies, smaller portions, dozens of flights of stairs climbed.

What gave me my second laugh laugh were the search results when I went looking for an image to represent ‘fat hoard’. I came across a Blue Cross for Pets website with the tagline: ” A killer disease is quietly spreading through the horse population of the United Kingdom…the disease is obesity. The site offers something called the “The Fat Horse Slim guide … designed to help you decide if your horse is in danger from being overweight…” Good grief. Then there’s hundreds of images of bloaty sheep, squirrels, cats, babies and zombies. Apparently there’s also some alternative-music band and a video game. Who knew?

On the plus side, looking at all of those creepy, disgusting images helped get me out of my funk. What the heck. I got out of bed this morning with no aches and pains. The cleaning lady is doing her thing, making everything dustless and sweet smelling. I’m off to make a dent in my fabric stash and do some more pattern drafting and sewing. My rant is done. Can’t stay pissed off for too long. It’s the weekend. Enjoy!