Hummingbird shutterstock_58968394The sun is out, the breeze has a tinge of warmth to it, the songbirds (not hummingbirds yet, but we live in hope) are going mad with happiness. A golden cluster of crocus are poking up from the layers of leaf mulch in the front garden.

What a wonderful day. We are here, free, grateful, healthy and joyful. First morning mass, then brunch with the family. Kitchen is cleaned, turkey carcass from last night’s supper in the pressure cooker simmering into a luscious vegetable soup. I’m sewing, but once it warms up outside, I’ll finish pruning the fruit trees and start cleaning up the flower beds.

We are well and truly blessed with the incomparable riches of family and friends whom we love and who love us in return. Just because. Be grateful. Laugh. Give thanks. Be generous.