The lovely maple tree that protected the corner of our property from errant automobiles taking the Y-corner to quickly, is gone.

Remember the big storm we had a few weeks ago, with high winds and slashing rain? Well, according to the young arborists who came out today to do the surgery, the tree has been growing with ‘occluded bark’ – it means there were really two trunks crunched together with bark in between, although it looked like one sturdy trunk. Gradually, as the tree matured and the leaf canopy got thicker and heavier, the weight began to pull the twin trunks asunder, so that a deepening crack appeared.

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We called in the Town – luckily for our pocketbook, the tree is on their property. Someone came out to have a look yesterday afternoon. Today, two young men from Advanced Tree Care arrived with two truck, ropes and a brace of heavy chain saws. By the time I bolted inside and turned on my camera, they had the trunk braced, a rope attached to the crown and the first triangular cut made. The second slice was made from the north side, then the saw-wielder stepped back, gave his buddy a signal and after they both checked for oncoming vehicles, he gave the rope a tug and the maple crashed to the ground in a flurry of leaves.

Once it was on the ground, it was clear that the crown had already started to die back. In shirt order, they had the tree cut into neat pieces and fed into the chipper. The sidewalk was swept clean and except for the bright raw stump on the lawn and a small pile of sawdust, the area is clean.

As sad as it was, there is good news. The Town will be by before autumn to grind out the stump and fill the hole with a red maple. The chips go to a local farmer who uses them for bedding in the cow barn. Ah, the circle of life continues.