Another 75 page book of workshop sessions, speakers and sponsors. There’s so much choice, I find it hard to figure out what to attend. My squirrel brain has gone into overdrive and the thing doesn’t start until Friday.


I’m volunteering again this year to do the Av setup before the sessions I’m attending. Can you imagine – 700 readers and writers in one place for three days? I AM SO EXCITED!!!

When Words Collide 2016 Schedule in Development(2)

WordPress has been acting up today – something about blocking an IP address because of a ‘brute force attack’. So it’s ‘quick-quick to post’.


My flight leaves at nine, which means we have to leave home around six, because the commuter traffic is so unpredictable. That’s gonna hurt!

But hey, I’ll be your intrepid reporter for three days. What fun!

The bonus is that I get to spend time with my 88 year old Aunty and my Cousin, who is more like the sister I never had. And no cooking, laundry or yard work for one week. I am going to be so indolent, I just may develop an attitude and become what Hub calls a ‘deluxe wife’ (yeah. as if….).  How good is that?