ProcrastinatorsI’m working out. Honestly. Not as much as Burn the Fat says I should, but I have to realistic. There are so many bad…no, unproductive…habits to break. I can’t just eyeball servings any more.

I’ve replaced the batteries in my Perfect Portions scale so that I can weigh everything larger than an egg or a tiny cup of nuts. It’s excruciatingly accurate. If I grow accustomed to using it religiously, it will help me become more mindful of what I’m putting in my mouth.

I need to train myself not to ‘taste’ as I cook. A small blob of peso sauce. Can’t throw that into the dishwasher like that and waste it, can I? Yes, I  can.

Does the soup need more thyme? More garlic? A hit of Worcestershire? Let whoever eats it decide to add their own condiments to jazz up the flavour, if they want to.

Oh, that high fibre oatmeal cookie stuck to the baking pan. Throw it out? Yes, I can do that. Or just put it in the cookie jar with the whole ones. Don’t nibble.