Not even the birds are up yet, but I’m on my way to lane swim. The air is pleasant. In the east, the sky has the tone of melted ice in the dregs of cranberry juice. Quiet, except for the dull hum of commuter tires on Leslie Street. Car windows are fogged up. In auto mode, I shrug my gym bag and sack of flippers and snorkel mask onto the back seat and pull out the fake cloth shopping bag I use to wipe the morning-misty windows. What? Nooooo. There’s frost on the rear window. Ice. I have to get out the SCRAPER. Flip the defrost controls to jet engine speed. Lord have mercy – it’s September 24, only the second day of autumn. Frost. That’s so terribly wrong. The mountain ash is ablaze with berries, a sign ‘they’ say, of a harsh winter. I guess the squirrels are right to bustle around the yard digging holes for their nuts.

Joan/Ruth/Ann is absent from the pool today, so I don’t have to pretend that I don’t hear her call out my name. I get the fast lane, slip into the chilly water and power non-stop up and down the lanes for 25 minutes of mask-fogged oblivion. It’s now my think time. Got an idea for tightening up the third draft of my novel. had a left rbain/right brain tussle and came up with a crisp new opening sentence for a short story contest entry (thanks to Bobby Rotenberg for his inspiration!). Fleshed out my briefing note comments suggesting that my clients shut their open door and turn their focus to big picture issues and enforcing accountability.

Refreshed, renewed, I tootled home in the midst of the dregs of commuter traffic south on Yonge. Turning left onto Mount Albert Road, I had to pull over. Where’s an SLR camera when you need one? 20130924_075213 I whipped out my phone and snapped off some shots of the raggedy mist rising over the old canal. 20130924_075203

The sky’s a blazing blue, the naked trees stiff and eerie against the sparkling water. I love my life.
So grateful for my physical, emotional and mental strength. Every day. I love living.

That I’m able to see, move, laugh, love, imagine, is such a blessing.

I took a deep, cleansing breath and gave thanks for another day on this amazing earth. This is what right looks like. My now. Thanks, thanks, thanks.