woman-silhouette-4A friend of mine was talking about this website – Brigid O’Connor’s Star Signs for Writers. This is me:

LIBRA: (September 23rd – October 22nd) The Scales

Mission Statement: I BALANCE

Traits: Love harmony, are elegant and need to share everything in life. They desire nurturing company and wicked sense of humour. They are indecisive, like order, can sit on the fence.

Note to other star signs: Libra makes bad relationship choices when off-balance.

Writing genres: Witty, detailed novels, confessional diaries, two sides of the story plot lines, novels based in elegant locations.

Yeah, I’m a procrastinator. Occasionally indecisive. I’m not sure about the ‘bad relationship’ thing, though. I mean, I was married the first time for 32 years. This time around, I lucked into finding the love of my life. For real. Hub and I have been together for 13 years.

Sometimes, I think there is as much accuracy in horoscope predictions as there is in examining the entrails of barnyard fowl. It’s we who make our future.