Yowza! It’s the end of the first full week of 2015 and I am kicking my 2015 goal’s butt. My newspaper column appeared in yesterday’s edition of the community newspaper and I am really stoked.


Last fall I’d fired off an email to a woman I’d met briefly at a networking ‘do’, proposing a regular column on things writerly. Local, small circulation papers always need content and I was willing to whip something up to meet their needs. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

I knew the task was manageable – when my son played rep hockey back in the day, I’d covered the games. Somewhere amongst my memorabilia is a folder of clippings from my days as a ‘sports reporter’.

I sent her a mini-plan of what I would write (topics, tone, etc.). She replied with a ‘can you give me 500 words and we’ll start in January’. Writing the articles was no issue – I’ve been blogging daily for most of last year and the habit of cranking something out stood me in good stead. Sent her a head shot, my bio and a couple of ideas for names and – voila!

Thursday’s newspaper bundle is the size of a fire log. It contains all of the weekly flyers, and Hub and I usually lounge around after supper going through them. He tends to skim the editorial sections but last night he jumped up and, with a huge smile on his face, thrust the paper in front of my eyes. There I was, by the fold on page 2. Not bad for a first-timer. I think he was as happy as I was.

The title used isn’t one I suggested but it’s still brilliant – Words Count. I want to get a conversation going with readers so I included a couple of email addresses. If folks want to get in touch with questions or comments, they can. I used gmail addresses – if there are trolls or haters out there, it will be easy to block their messages. Or maybe I’ll use them in my novel – everything is fodder.

I’ll promote the Writers’ Community of York Region, cover a variety of topics relating to writing and of course I’ll mention my own writing journey(s). It’s all part of the plan. Happy, happy, happy.

Now I can check off part of goal # 1 – getting myself ‘out there’, building my author platform. It as relatively simple. Wow but that feels good.


I got offered another consulting gig earlier this week. I said I’d think about it but honestly, after coming out of retirement and working regularly for two years (love my job but…) and being retired officially since 2000, I think it’s time to stop waking up to an alarm clock. The list of non-work things I want to do is so long and getting longer. It’s nice to be wanted and recognized professionally but hey, I have another life to live to the fullest.

Now I’m on to the next two objectives – ramp up my physical activity (although that will be a constant) and get something ready for self-publishing.

Thank goodness I’ve kept my resolutions simple.