In my continuing quest for self-improvement and trying to feel less guilty about wasting so much time spelunking the Internet, I stumbled across something new today. No, I don’t play endless hours of games – my downfalls are recipe websites, writing how-tos, crafts, country information and an eclectic assortment of searches and back-tracking that occasionally eats up the hours between breakfast and lunch. I can’t remember how I discovered this, but it’s a Java application called Wordle. It generates word clouds from chunks of text you insert to the web page.

As a word-nut, I found it a fun pictorial way to depict a poem I wrote a couple of years ago about Hub, the love of my life. The poem still resonates as too personal to reproduce intact, but Wordle’s artistic rendering makes me smile because the words and meanings are there, but only I can decipher my composition in its entirety. A public secret, as it were. What fun.