What an amazing Sunday! When we left home, it was blustery with dark, low-bellied clouds smudging the horizon, but by the time we emerged from the Museum Subway station (love the artifacts!) at 11, the sun was shining and the crowds were starting to build.

With all the happy pedestrians, Queen’s Park Crescent almost looked like Europe, if you ignored the white lines and parking meters. Lots of great sessions. The person who impressed me the most was Neil Pasricha, the young man who wrote, The Book of Awesome. Although he only spoke for half an hour, he shared his personal story and the life events that were the genesis of his blog, 1000 Awesome Things. Neil is delightful and thoughtful. His philosophy of writing and his blog entries are joyful and full of the wonder of discovering the amazing in each day. He writes about simple things, is usually brief, and leaves you anticipating the next day’s word-gift.

I was knocked out to learn about Wattpad, a site operated by a group of enterprising young folks. The tag is: “Read what you like.  Share what you write.” Free. Free! You can post your poems, novels, short stories, parts of novels, work in progress, etc. You can browse for material by category, there are contests and a chance to vote for “most popular” genre. Wow!

It’s fantastic being a writer!
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