When God created the earth, did He provide every town on every continent I’ve ever visited with the same passel of village curs – one a mangy dun, another a rusty long-hair, the other a dusty black with large pale spots accessorizing its scrawny body? Outside Delia’s bakery in Aghia Marina, the brown one rises from its spot across the threshold and snaps at the billowing ecclesiastical skirts of the village priest, then after a few meters, fatigued by the no-speed pursuit of a man who totally ignores him, the mutt slouches back to twitch through doggie-dreams in the shade. The old men smoking and flipping dice with their thumbnails onto the backgammon board sip their coffees out of the sides of their mouths and don’t even bother to turn their heads.

?           ?           ?

Overheard in the international departure lounge, Pearson airport.

“What’s that animal magnetism thing called? Parable or pharoahism or something?

“No, dummy. Phenomenones.”

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