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I was going to write something frothy and light today. About the mouse that scooted out from under the footrest I rest my tootsies on when I’m using my CPU and 32″ screen at my desk. About the weather, which is unseasonably warm for ten days before Christmas. The strange experience I’m having with Canada Revenue Agency because Scotiabank gave me the wrong payee for my tax installments, and four payments went by mistake to Revenue Quebec, which doesn’t want to talk to me (in either official language) and seems desirous of keeping my hard-earned cash as long as they can becasue it might take six weeks for the money to be rapatriated to my bank account.

But as I was getting ready to go out to Costco to shop for ingredients for Christmas goodies, the news flashed about the horror in New Jersey. I wept at the thoughts of those families whose young children – babies, actually – had been killed by a fucking maniac. Yes, my language is strong, but there is absolutely no way to rationalize the absolute wrongness of what happened today. An atrocity. Yes, we can rail at the culture of the gun in the United States, and how every nut-bar with a credit card and a grievance can buy armour-piercing ordnance and mow down innocents who have done them no wrong. He apparently killed his mother and father. Perhaps his girlfriend and a brother. Why not stop there? The killer knew them. But these children?

Dear God, why? I pray that there is some excruciatingly punishing level of hell where these psychopaths dwell in agony for eternity. No mercy. No excuses. This is insanity. Total insanity. Unforgiveable. Don’t give me bullshit about mental health issues and he wasn’t hugged enough. Nothing can rationalize this outrage against humanity. But as many Americans will argue, their constitutional right to bear arms? No wonder that once-great country is in serious decline.

What invading army was this crackpot defending against – children armed with plasticine and Lego? My heart is broken.

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