Facebook keeps trying to re-engineer what we see on our landing pages, despite the fact that I keep installing ad blockers and spam bouncers. This one caught my eye the other day.

ex-christiansNow I don’t know about you but the notion of ‘Ex-Christian’ is one I find curious.  Where they drummed out for non-conformity? What are they recovering from? Was it an excess of Scripture or too much Deuteronomy?

The group is small. Perhaps they call it exclusive, but what are the criteria for joining? Are they expected to do something sacrilegious like championing Choice, promoting women’s rights or asserting that slavery was wrong and Black people are, indeed, equal in God’s eyes?

Being the curious (snoopy) person I am, I did a Google search. On their website, there is talk about ‘de-conversion’ and ex-Christian spirituality, horror stories on discussion forums about forced sanctity, whatever that is.

All in all, the people posting seem more sad and lost than rebellious. I mean, in grade 12 I got thrown out of religion class for challenging Sister Carmel Marie about the Virgin Birth and the concept of the Trinity. No biggie. I used that hour to consume trashy novels. Didn’t lose my faith, either. I just moved on.

I confess to toying with the faith-hustlers who step onto our porch. Right by the doorbell is a label that says, ‘no salespeople, hucksters or proselytizers’. We have a security camera, and I’ve watched some of them furrow their brows then leave looking unsure if they fit the definitions.

Then there’s time times I answer the door to a pair of earnest women in sensible shoes who ask, ‘have you found Jesus?’ My response always is, ‘I never lost him, thanks.’ If I’m feeling especially frisky, I’ll say I’m the housekeeper and give them a fake name for the lady of the house. I used to say that I was a certified witch or an agnostic, but that just spurred on their attempts to ‘save’ me. Nowadays I don’t bother to answer the door. I’d rather infuriate the guys calling from Pakistan to sell me computer repairs or duct cleaning.

t-shirtNow, like every other fringe group, the ex-Christians have t-shirts. They’re boring, but maybe that’s a reflection of their energy.

Cartoonists use them as laugh fodder. Guess they’ve got some cred now. damned