Last week was unsettling in a lot of ways that are not yet resolved and never may be. Being a firm believer in not wallowing in the past or obsessing about things that I can’t change, I’m turning my mind to other things again.

It’s Saturday. Last night was Halloween and once again, we had no children trick-or-treating at our door. Sure it was raining and cold, but when has that stopped the quest for candies? We just used to layer up more. Witches’ capes and ghost sheets can cover a multitude of snowsuits. There are kids in the neighbourhood – I see them walking to school every morning. Perhaps they go to other neighbourhoods where the pickings are more upscale? I have no idea. I have a box of 120 quality mini-chocolate goodies that I’ll have to give away to the food bank collection box or else Hub and I will gradually snack them away. Next year, it will be ‘go dark’ for us and we’ll make reservations or a nice dinner somewhere instead of waiting for the bell that never rings. At least this year I didn’t bother to dress up and sit around feeling like an idiot in my hockey jersey and pads.

Today is Hub’s birthday. And my best friend Jessie’s birthday. They are the two people who have been the most significant long-lasting influences in my life. I love them both with a depth and breadth beyond words. Why are they so special? Because family is family, no matter what. Hub and Jessie and I chose each other. We remain with each other, bound by something warm and enduring and undefinable. With them in my life, I am well and truly blessed. They help make every day a good day.

And now, instead of me telling stories, I’m posting a series of quotes to reflect how I feel.


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