The Internet has turned into bedlam. Even the stupid pet videos and baby gifs have been eclipsed by doomsayers, conspiracy theorists and general nonsense.

I can no longer watch the evening news. The daily litany of awful has got me avoiding anything on television except re-runs of Jane the Virgin and silly movies and binge-listening historical romances to take my mind off the atrocities filling the airwaves. Aside from the disgraceful state of the world, we’re having weird weather and the lawn is going dry and dead in patches.

My novel is coming along fine. In fact, after taking a workshop last weekend sponsored by the Women Fiction Writers chapter of the Romance Writers of America, I now have a Tagline, Logline and Pitch, which makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something useful.

But with the weeds comes a waning of motivation. Perhaps it’s true, and we only have a finite amount of physical and mental energy. No matter.

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