We were serenaded last night by slashing rain and booming thunder. Lighting lit up the sky with a mad pyrotechnics display. The gardens need the moisture, so I’m grateful that Ma Nature threw down and saved us from having to water the lawns all day.

I came across this news clip on Facebook (the great timewaster). It looks chaotic, but the thing is, except for the one couple who get stuck in the middle for a few seconds, the crazy daredevil approach to managing the intersections works. Made me think of rush hour here in Ontario. Could drivers manage carving the vehicular ins-and-outs with a large leaky-lipped double-double in one hand? (The video takes a few seconds to queue up – it’s worth the wait, though.)

Also made me wonder if any of those intrepid South-East Asian scooter drivers are the ones who flood my website comments box with spam about shoes, sunglasses and sexy-time aids. Or call at supper times pretending to be named ‘Ted’, of “Greg’, trying to convince me that they’re from ‘Windows’. It’s a job, I suppose, but what a nuisance.