Aging can be an ugly process.  My grandmother is 86 and has always been very independent.  Suddenly she finds herself weak, unable to drive, less able to walk, vision impaired, and an attitude that slices into all of us that care.  She was always a razor-tongued hotwire but, her feelings of inadequacy and her desire not to give up compound all the “negative” aspects of her personality.

 I love my grandmother immensely.  The sacrifices she has made for my well-being over the last 41 years are nothing short of heroic.  Her love has always been unconditional, unlike my mother’s.  However, there are times when I cry for her.  The ravages of time, of a hard life, of losing my grandfather 14 years ago after 54 years of marriage, have taken their toll.

 Try to remember that our times are coming.  Our daughters/sons will bear our burdens in time and they will bitch about how their lives are affected.  They will be frustrated as we cling to our ways, right or wrong.  After all, we are strong women!  The very strength that works with you in youth works against you in old age. We all pray… Violetta