Good almost-end-of-August to you! The nights have turned cool and the sky is all broody. The Canadian National Exhibition is in full swing and the Plowing Matches are done for the season. The corn is truly as high as an elephant’s eye and (according to my police officer buddies), so are the marijuana plants that opportunistic drug packagers seeded in their midst. The York regional Police helicopter is working overtime doing flyovers, checking out farmer’s fields for swathes of lacy green growth. Damn, it will soon be time to put away the shorts and tank tops.

I’ve just posted a long blog on my writer’s website – about a workshop I attended at When Words Collide – the Virgin’s Promise. What an eye opener that was.

My brain is weary and I haven’t even begun to work on my book today. Instead, I leave you with this Ted Talk from Amy Cuddy, about how body language shapes who we are: