It’s raining. Still. Again. I’m not sure which description applies. We had some teaser sun yesterday but when Hub and I sat down for dinner on the deck, the mosquitoes arrived as if we were bite magnets and we had to scurry inside. The lawn is doing well but the vegetable plants aren’t setting any fruit because the bees are smart enough not to venture out.

But I’ve been keeping myself occupied. I finally succumbed to the blandishments of Chef Deb Rankine, The Fridge Whisperer. Yes, after reading her blog and staring at the mouth-watering photos she’d posted, I checked out the reviews, visited and bought a Paderno Spiralizer – on sale.

I know Amazon isn’t making any profit, despite being the Google of the merchandising world, but boy do they have customer service down to an art. I ordered it on Friday night after we returned from our trip to Ontario’s West Coast (Goderich, Seaforth, Kinkardine), where we at great food, drank interesting beer and visited several Adult Lifestyle Communities.

2015-06-25 15.19.13Every so often we get it into our heads that we should find a place to live for when we’re old and need a bungalow instead of three sets of stairs and swathes of lawn to cut. Seaforth was the best – well-built houses – bungalows with great decks – right on a golf course, fabulous clubhouse with indoor pool, reasonable maintenance costs. The only downside is that it’s 2.5 hours from Toronto. So we’ll see.

I’ve been trying to cut out carbs but goodness, it’s hard. I made a pan of flax meal crackers and they’re actually really good. Hub calls them ‘rocket crackers’ because with all of the fibre in them, you’ll be off like a rocket after eating a stack. My ancestors might have been hunters from the wilds of Africa but boy, do I love my pasta, bread and baked sweets. Life is all about tradeoffs, though. If I want to have that glass or two of wine every evening, then something carbolicious has to go. Eat more vegetables is good advice but they get boring. Zucchini pasta with meat sauce – now that sounds interesting.

20150630_144826Anyhow, the box was delivered yesterday and I tried it out today on an English cucumber. Wowzers – it really does work well. I wouldn’t use it for processing anything too hard but the cucumber spirals were delicate and pretty. I dried them off between a wad of paper towels, seasoned them up with rice wine vinegar, salt and pepper and had a guilt-free snack. Clean up was easy, too.

Although I didn’t need another kitchen gadget, this one may help keep me from the Italpasta boxes in the pantry. Now if I can figure out something unique to do with the little green squiggle that comes out of the middle of the veggie swirls…