Gee wizzers. As soon as I start actively thinking about getting my unshrinking butt back into the weight loss track, I get an email from the FitBit folks telling me about their new personal weighing device – the ARIA™ WI-FI SMART SCALE. I can choose a colour (white/black), pay $129 USD and get a device that will track my weight, body fat percentage, and BMI then sync all of the statistics to my computer. aria

Now if that doesn’t strike naked fear into your towel-wrapped hearts, what does? Sure, it’s a good thing to know that information from time to time, but every damned day? TMI, as the kids would say. Too much information. Probably enough to drive me to drink (more).

Instead of feeling vaguely guilty because I haven’t been tracking either my food intake or weight, I’d get immediate and irrefutable feedback about how specifically I am failing. Am I ready for that? No. Not now. Maybe in a couple of weeks. See, that’s my problem – procrastination. I’ll do some more research. Maybe the tsunami of progress reports is just what I need to get motivated on a consistent basis. What gets me is that the model obviously has no boobage that bobbles when she tries to run, you can see her collar and hip bones, she looks toned and void of excess body fat. Now that’s depressing. I’ll never looked like that. The last time I did, I was in my 20s and didn’t know what ‘weight’ was, except for bags of potatoes or fresh meat at the butchers.

Aria – an interesting name. Someone neutral, makes you think of lightness. Perhaps. The first word that popped into my head was areola (which in spell check comes up as ‘alveolar’ or ‘aerosol ‘depending on how I mis-spell it). That’s defined as “a ring of color, as around the human nipple“. My skittish mind wanders to Johnny Cash singing “I fell into a burning ring of fire” then skids off to the joke about jalepeno peppers, spicy jerk chicken and another ‘ring of fire’ that erupts a day or two after you’ve ingested/digested quantities of super-hot foods.

That’s the problem. My list of to-dos and want-to-dos is so bloody long but time seems to be in ever shorter supply. My attention span is spread too thinly.

Yup, that’s me over there. Chasing, chasing…..squirrelandnutbut dammit, I’m not losing any weight this way. Nuts are full of omega-good-for-something, but they’re also fattening.

Maybe if I change my focus?