Frosty the Snow-Person has come and gone, spring is supposedly in the air, the Easter Bunny had a rough ride last weekend and the house is redolent of the scent of turkey bone broth simmering madly in my Instant Pot. So yes, all is right with the world.

I was checking out a few of my old WordPress blog sites in the process of cleaning up my web presence and was shocked to find that I have one that appears to mirror this one – and it has had a fair bit of web traffic.

Yowza. I’ve been seriously questioning the value of social media – blogging, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram  because sometimes it seems like there are so many competing voices shouting (or whimpering) into the void.

How much do I appreciate all my faithful readers? If I could, I’d bake you all brownies and we’d sit in the garden in July and have iced coffee and talk about books.

The other thing I noticed is that I have been blogging since 2010. One year, I posted a blog every single day for 12 months.

Now that was crazy, but looking back, that’s when I also produced an awful lot of writing. Yes, damn it, I’m a writer. A published author – short stories, but still published. I’ve done book signings (which is humbling, by the way).

What also gave me pause was the number of posts bemoaning the fact that I have been writing fiction and non-fiction (aside from consulting projects) as much as I want to.  I need to do less whining and take more productive action. It’s not like I don’t have choices.

Sorry to say that only a few things have changed in the last year. I did a pitch at a writer’s conference in August and was asked by an agent to send my manuscript. I got it professionally edited by a woman I respect to the moon, tided up my query letter and sent everything off by email in September.

Yes, you guessed it – when I checked in February, I got heartfelt apologies about how busy he’d been, and he’d a lot of agent turnover in the business, he’d been travelling, etc. Well, be that as it may, hello – what about me?

Of course my heart sank. I mean, I’ve known this man for more than 10 years and respected him. He was actually my writing mentor (for a fee) for 6 months, so it’s not like I was some schlep cold-calling to flog my unknown work of shining greatness. He’s had dinner at our house, for heaven’s sake. He let me down. And wasted all of those months of me waiting hopefully.

But no flies on this author. No more watching the paint dry and moss grow over my dreams of being a successfully published writer! I’ve got a polished manuscript and I’m plowing through book two in the series. I’m ready to fling them out into the world.

Once I got over the disappointment and pissed-offedness, I decided it was time to get serious about publishing independently. I’ve been following the industry for years, reading blogs, listening to podcasts and workshop sessions, chatting with folks who’ve been there, done that.

Time is fleeting, so no more waiting for someone else to decide my fate. I’m going to self-publish. Like I needed another project! But this is my work. I’m confident that it’s good and I’m ready to get it out there. Stay tuned, folks.