The sun was out until just after lunch. What a glorius sight after weeks of damp, grey skies, when even the blanket of snow couldn’t help brighten things up. Getting ready for a romantic New Year’s eve dinner.

I’ve been writing – taking the class on Writing Erotica last month, facilitated by Sue and James, inspired me to dust off some stories I’d written and forgotten years ago. The thing is, I’m thinking I’ll have to use a non de plume for the saucy stuff and publish the collection as an e-book using something like Smashwords. I’m loath to sell my hard work for $.99, though, so obvsiouly I need to do some research to figure out what kind of pricing the market will bear. In the interim, I’m having fun and keeping warm with words!

Haven’t checked my spam box for a few weeks.  Today, there were 36 comments from the strangest people – religious groups, mattress marketers, a few who wrote ‘Thx for the post’ and another that read, ‘It’s a pleuasre to find someone who can think so clearly’.
stupid spam
Bozos. What a waste of time and bandwidth. I visualize the writers sitting in a dimly-lit room, in soiled cartoon-character pyjamas at their crumb-laden keyboards, whipping off incoherent messages and feverishly punching ‘enter’, ‘enter’, enter’.

If you click on the image to the right, it will open at full size in another screen. The one that makes me giggle is the second entry, about ‘feathers’. Now there’s a stepping-off point for an erotic story!!