It’s Thursday again. Valentine’s Day has come and gone but the Polar Whatsis is here to stay. I’m supposed to have the umpteenth drat of my novel done for Sam on Monday but I don’t feel like writing and editing. Honestly, my brain is weary. But I’ll git ‘er done. Have to.

Things are looking up, though. Just a few more sleeps until Mazatlan. Digging through the storage closet for summer clothing really felt good. But where did I stash my nice sandals? Camera battery charging? Ipad loaded with Kindle books to read, stories to edit, games to play. Oh yes. Check. sunblock, gravol, anti-diarrhoea (from the Ancient Greek from dia “through” and  rheo “flow”) tablets, antacids, wipes, bug spray, toiletries? Located and unexpired. Passport out and US$ miserly doled out into my little travel wallet. Sunshade hat? Oh, yes, it will be a pleasure to wear that every day. Bathing suits, cover-ups, shorts. Oh my – shorts and tank tops. Yum. Feels good to prepare for change. Next up, clean the fridge (what surprises lurk there?), pack snacks.

Can’t wait for beach, sand between my toes, sun puckering the skin on my arms. Snoozing and getting sweaty. Ahhhh….

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