Ah, Canada.We are hearty/hardy folk.

Where the men are men and the deer are nervous.

Where the outdoor rinks have shut down and the barbecues and lawn furniture are on the showroom floor of every big box store around.Seeds and some bedding plants are for sale.

Now that the banks of dirty snow have melted, inventorying the mind-boggling winter damage the hungry hares caused to our ornamental shrubs and rose bushes.

Last week in Wal-Mart, I saw a woman in bare feet and sandals on the bottom and a parka on top.

Where you can play hockey and tennis on the same day, wearing the same clothing – snowpants, a toque and short sleeves.

A guy in Costco (old enough to know better) sporting baggy shorts and a sweatshirt.

Where the furnace is on but we don coats and gloves to put our pillows and duvets outside on the deck railing to ‘air out’.

And the Home Show in full flight with Canada Blooms. A cheery exhibitor exhorts us to learn how to attract butterflies to our gardens. Another is rocking a vest made of artificial turf.


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The Canada geese honk their way in confused lines – north, no west, no east – in search of food and open water (good luck with that).

Time to get out my hydroponic greenhouse and start some seeds.