An interesting new concept. Here’s the blurb:

Verdict is a revolutionary interactive web series that combines Law & Order with a touch of American Idol: YOU, the real audience, is the jury – voting on an accused’s guilt or innocence – and influencing the outcome of every episode.

In this fascinating alternate world, a population fed up with out-of-control crime revolts and demands change, and so the country’s justice system is radically transformed: cases are now literally tried in the court of public opinion. The highest-profile cases are aired live on Verdict TV, a 24-hour station run by the people, for the people. Citizens watch with fervor, listen to witnesses and examine the evidence … and then, they vote: guilty or not guilty. Through cell phones, computers, iPads and PEDs, justice now rests in the hands of the general public.

You can watch it here.

Shooting Stars – The Tony Canavarro Criminal Negligence Trial – Verdict.