Drives me nuts. Sure, the Internet is full of great resources, but finding them is getting much more difficult to do. Unfortunately, it’s also become a rodents’ nest – a hotbed for anyone with a modicum of keyboarding skills and a ‘mind’ made for mayhem and generally stupid things that often snare gullible people. I swear, sometimes it seems like we’re trapped in a giant petri dish of dumb yuck.


Pinterest has outlived its usefulness as an information source. Facebook has degenerated into oodles of click-bait sites, wide-eyed headlines (you’ll weep/be shocked/laugh out loud/pee your pants) and dumb ‘tests’ that a sleepy ten year old could pass.

Become a life coach. Earn Your Certification in 16 Hours Now Over 3000 Successful Graduates.

Life Coach? Doesn’t that call for experience or wisdom amassed by…living a full life? That’s why I’m skeptical when I hear someone say that is their role in life. Parents are life coaches, as are te4achers and mentors. Would you trust someone who had a piece of paper but no common-sense practical experience? Uh,uh. Didn’t think so.

Good grief. I guess on the Internet, you can promise anyone that they can be anything. How can you graduate successfully if you haven’t lived? How do they determine progress? You’re one year older? You’ve resolved x number of life issues?

Codswallop. The ‘Windows virus’ guys have finally stopped calling. After months of Hub and I either putting them on hold while we finished dinner or asked them dumb questions about window installations and screen doors, they’ve figured our phone number is not generating sufficient income.

But it’s the blather that takes up bandwidth that annoys me. Maybe instead of deleting the spam I should assemble them into book format, publish it as an ebook and see if anyone buys it.

Of course, there are the winners who write this stuff:

stupid spam2

I can’t fathom how they make any money, filling up blog comment boxes with drivel. Sometimes three or four land a day and I have to clean up the useless crap. But that’s not the worst. They’ve degenerated to posting absolute gobbledygook. Does anyone web-savvy enough to have a blog actually click the links?

spammyGet a job, I say. Do volunteer work. Turn those feverish minds to something useful and get off my digital lawn!