A new week, another opportunity to plow through edits of half a dozen book chapters. This Fast Draft program got me motivated but even better was another option called Revision Hell, which is exactly where I am – somewhat bored with the story but aware I have to ramp up the action and tension and cut out the superfluous language. Unfortunately, I’m not inspired.


Speaking of hell, we had a group of friends over for lunch today. We started out on the deck for aperitifs then relocated under the pergola, where it is usually cool and breezy. Not today. By the time we decided not to sweat our way through the afternoon, the temperature was 34 degrees out there. The air conditioning has been running full blast so it’s lovely and cool inside. Yes, I know we’re probably decimating a forest somewhere because of the electricity use, but this is only the second day this year we’ve turned it on so I think we’ve earned a pass.

Too bad I’ve taken a hiatus from carbs – this would be an amazing day for yeast dough to rise in the shade.
2015-04-14 13.20.31

Last fall I signed up for another writers’ conference – this one is called When Words Collide and it came highly recommended by my friend Mark Leslie Lefebvre, who is Director of Self-Publishing and Author Relations at Kobo Books. Aside from being a talented author, Mark is a very nice man, always willing to share advice about the publishing world.


The agenda is insanely packed with eleven concurrent sessions every hour.  I’m also volunteering to do the AV setups at the conference, in part because I’ve planned dozens of conferences over the years and also because I get an opportunity to rub elbows with folks in the business. My mentor Sam Hiyate will be speaking at a couple of sessions, too.

The piece de resistance for me will be the chance to attend the same BBQ as one of my favourite authors, Diana Gabaldon, best-selling author of the Outlander series of books. The television series – which I faithfully PVR’d and also watched on Shomi – is fantastic. Hopefully I can get her to autograph one of her books for me. Yes, that will be a first – me asking for an autograph. I’m planning on playing it cool and not going all fan-girl gushy on her.