All right, folks. It’s a gorgeous summer day and the weather people are wrong again. Instead of rain and thunder we have high blue skies filled with fat clouds. I had a good sleep last night and my bruised ribs only hurt a little bit. Game on! Our Sunday bunch was fabulous, if I say so myself. Thank you, LCBO website for an enormous searchable database of user-friendly recipes.

  • Chilled curried avocado shooters served in crystal sherry glasses tasted great but I didn’t care for the brownish tint instead of brilliant green.  This version had no whipping cream in it and although the taste as sort of fine, nest time I’d add more salt, some white pepper and 1/4 cup of whipping cream for richness.
  • Deconstructed Caesar salad with crispy pancetta (substituted prosciutto) and shrimp was just enough work for a starter and looked great on the plate.
  • Mushroom pate was tasty – more like a meat pate without the liver aftertaste (1 pound creminis, 1 cup cream cheese, some sautéed garlic and seasoning)
  • Creamy asiago dip (1 cup asiago, 1 cup whipping cream, seasonings – cooked for 5 minutes then whipped smooth in the blender)
  • Warm grilled pepper salad with onions and olives, served with toasted flatbread
  • Mixed tomato bruschetta on spicy ciabatta toasts
  • Brined smoked salmon with horseradish sauce
  • Grilled herb marinated chicken
  • Green tartar sauced baby potatoes with dill
  • Lemon baby bundt cakes with rhubarb raspberry compote filling and lingonberry gelatto
  • Coffee, champagne, orange juice, coffee

Best of all, there are plenty of leftover for dinner and snacks. Needless to say, I am stuffed with good wine, good food and the after effects of a day spent with amazing friends. We’re all seasoned world travellers and agree that Canada (despite its flaws and sometimes questionable political decision/decision-makers) is a wonderful place to come home to.

I don’t have any space in my head for original thought, so I’m posting this thought-provoking video. Julian Treasure talks about what we do so often, but should not.