Here we are, beginning a year with a number I would never have imagined when I was a teenager. Back in the Sixties, we didn’t spend time thinking that far ahead. But now that I’m older than sixty, every year, every month, every day has a special meaning. I have to make the most of what I have! But not making resolutions, per se, doesn’t mean I don’t have a plan!

  1. I’m going to do more to stand out from the crowd, in a good way. Make my mark. Write more. Publish more. Get back to knitting and finish what I start, because I’ll feel like I’ve accomplished something tangible.
  2. Eat more frugally, but not to the point where I feel guilty about a slice of cheesecake or a glass of wine with dinner. Exercise my body more vigorously every day. Wear things that make me feel fashionable and happy. Get more creative with my sewing projects. Stop worrying about ‘they’…
  3. Stop hanging out with people who don’t make me laugh or who don’t enrich my existence, even in a small way. Contemplate big-picture things beyond what I already know. Hug more. Be more daring and less impatient with myself and others. Regularly tell those I love, that I love them.
  4. Stop listening to radio and television news, because the words hurt my ears and disturb my mind – explosion, flood, murder…Avoidance, yes, but no one says I have to flagellate myself with sorrow. I’ll still read several newspapers every day, but when I spot an article I don’t like, I’ll simply turn the page and not obsess.
  5. My time is precious, and the bank of hours I’ve been given can’t be refilled. I’m going to keep learning new things, solve more puzzles, laugh until my belly hurts. Have more fun.

    5. Write my life story, so my grandchildren can know their ancestors and their history, and understand where they fit in this confusing world. Visit more countries and have more adventures.
  6. Be a better human being. Live the very best life that I can.
  7. Pay attention to things I can change rather than those I cannot. Focus on the good. Do my very best. Be more generous.

Squeeze every juicy drop from every day, so that when I lay my head on my pillow to sleep, I can say a fervent prayer of thanks for my multitude of blessings.