We’re getting a whack of new windows installed on Monday so Hub has decided that today (my day off-gardening-clean-the-house-for-company day) should be spent taking down drapes (which means that I have to wash them, doesn’t it?), uninstalling drapery hardware, removing pictures from the walls, reconfiguring my office so they guys can get to the sliding glass door to be replaced, etc.  I’m thinking – we have the weekend. But he doesn’t want to ‘leave it to the last minute’. No my Sweet, leaving it to the last minute would mean bolting out of bed on Monday morning at 6 a.m. and running around trying to find screwdrivers with the right heads and not being unable to unplug my electronics because Microsoft is installing a massive update….


Oh well. We’ve done most of the work already. It’s another glorious summer day – high deep blue sky, brilliant sunshine, soft breeze, songbirds going mad with joy. I’m so done with being inside. Now I’m going out to purchase a flame thrower to singe the *&^%$# weeds growing between the interlocking bricks on the front steps. So, for a few laughs, here’s a gallery of things that have made me smile.


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