Why doesn’t this Simcoe Day weekend feel like an extended holiday? I think it needs another name – few people remember a bewigged old British guy in a frock coat. Costco was insanely busy yesterday, with about a dozen people lined up to fill their propane tanks. Tons of burgers, sausages and buns flying off the shelves. The price of three thick rib-eye and strip loin steaks is twice what we paid for our Christmas turkey. Maybe it’s time to forget mowing the back lawn and buy some cattle to fatten up.

I went for my annual boob-squeeze this morning at 8 a.m. and the place was surprisingly busy. I joked with the technician that I wanted to get done early because we’re not supposed to wear deodorant and didn’t want to be all sweaty. The machines they use now are tiny compared to a couple of decades ago, when I first started having my lumpy tissue scoped every few years. And the squeeze is almost negligible.

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I finally got Hub to drive up to the Rockport store in the Outlet Mall to replace his scruffy shoes. I’d done reconnaissance earlier in the week and sent him photos, just so he could be reassured there was a selection worthy of his viewing.

The women in the store are obviously used to that – apparently said lots of wives now do the photograph thing rather than buying something that looks promising, only to have to trek back to return them. Of course he had on his thick athletic socks which look mucho dorky, but then again, that’s what he wears most of the time. We found TWO, count ’em, two pairs, one in a pebbly finish and one smooth dressier versions.

He was going to buy two pairs of the first model that fit but I persevered and said he had to have different shoes. The woman helping him out agreed, so he capitulated. Now if I can only get him to throw out the ratty ones with the lining bursting out or the heels worn down – ‘no, I can wear them in the winter’, ‘no, I can wear them when I cut the lawn’. Ugh.

One thing at a time. It’s a glorious sunny day, I’m going to write for an hour, do an hour of sewing then neaten up my sewing room and tidy the house. Why? The cleaning lady is coming tomorrow.

Clean house, long weekend, temperatures moderated from jungle level – all is well with the world.