Every day we’re bombarded with ugly news about new evils being perpetrated in the world. There’s a cult of selfishness, ‘not you’, every man for himself, incivility, step on someone’s neck to get ahead, entitlement, etc., etc. Makes you weary to contemplate, doesn’t it? Government can’t be relied on. Politicians routinely lie to us – bold-faced and unrepentant whenthey are caught in wrong-doing – then try to bribe us into believing them with money they’ve ‘collected’ from us. And let’s not talk about rampant consumerism and cat videos.

All is not lost. We can each do some little thing each day to make the community we live in – personal, social, work – better places.

Jeff Walker challenges us to practice gratitude – every day, every week, every month. Don’t just think it – write down your thoughts. Explore your life. Be mindful. String together thirty days of writing down your gratitude thoughts in a journal.

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