I was going to write a blog about some of the weird stuff I’ve seen lately but this YouTube video is even better. I came across it on a website hosted by Kait Nolan that’s subtitled “Escaping reality, one book at a time” which I think is pretty cool. This clip is called: Something Southern: Sh%t Southern Women Say. Apparently this kind of humour has quite a following. Is it real or are they playing to the camera?

I have to admit that the thought of going to the US South scares me. I’ve been in Washington, D.C. and thought that the people in the stores or serving me in restaurants were putting me on by saying ‘y’all’. Eventually someone told me that D.C (also called ‘Dark Country’ on account of all the non-Caucasians who inhabit the state) is/was part of the South, which is pronounced ‘Saouwth’.  Then there’s the whole gun thing.

Another time years later  I was in Kentucky on a business trip with a couple of colleagues, both of them white. After the third day spent in ‘Lou-ville’ it finally struck me that no matter where we went – for meetings or for meals – I was usually the only non-white person sitting at a table at the front of the restaurant ordering from the menu. No wonder the pleasant black lady behind the serving counter laughed when I asked her what they speckled white stuff was. It was the gloppy white gravy to go on top of the sausage that went on top of the white biscuits. Honestly, the thing looked more like Pablum barf. Gave me a queasy feeling. The other black folks that I saw were bussing the tables or mopping the floor. The whole experience felt very weird. Other-worldly.

Being a third generation Canadian with a fairly strong sense of her self-worth, I have never felt the harsh sting of discrimination. That’s partly because I don’t look for it. I’m sort of insult-blind, I suppose. La-la-la-la-la. When I do notice, my reaction is that the person perpetrating the intended slight is so ignorant as not to be credible. A total waste of skin. In other words, I don’t pay much attention to racist shitheads.

You have to admit there’s something about that drawly Southern accent, despite all of the negative history that still permeates race relations in the United States.

These four ladies gave me a chuckle today. I don’t truck with abominations like Honey Booboo or Bobo and her appallingly boorish mother and sister though. I’d never get invited to Betty-Lynn or Sally-May’s house either. But here they are, on my website, saying things that make you shake your head and smile (smalle, y’all).