Edit, fact-check, verify. Do your research then check again. Got it.

tearsAs writers, those are the exhortations we regularly hear from the ‘experts’. And of course, they are correct. So when a recognized national media outlet prints up tens of thousands of issues of the Saturday sports section with a glaring editorial error my 12-year old grandson could have picked out, I have to laugh and grimace at the same time. After my mental romp with cowboy Wes Stanton (changed his first name from Chet and selected a surname that wasn’t too cringingly double-entendre), this gaffe was just too much to resist. We’ve all made the occasional boo-boo. I can’t type ‘from’ without first inputting ‘form’. ‘The’ always comes out ‘teh’. Clumsy fingers.

I know there have been cutbacks to editorial staff – most of the stuff we see comes from news wires, syndicated feeds or, based on the low-brow standard of most of the  ‘journalism’, is generated by spambots.

But heaven’s above, don’t they have readers who at least scan the copy before someone hits ‘send’? If I’d been the athlete and read this as I was trying to recover from a so-so performance on the track, I’d be bawling my eyes out and dabbing my eyes with tissue all over again.