Yes, I’ve relented somewhat and watch bits of the news after supper. I can’t help it – I want to know what’s going on. But I quickly realize I haven’t missed anything and retreat to my sewing/ironing room to putter and listen to another satisfying historical romance that makes me laugh or gasp or envy the heroine’s simple trajectory to finding ‘The One’.


After listening to two or three a week, interspersed with more serious thrillers, I have my roster of favourite narrators. In fact, last week Audible had a sale on books narrated by a specific female narrator. Brilliant marketing, in fact, since it is the skill of the competent ‘reader’ who brings all of the characters – male and female and alien – to life and makes us forget it is one talented person doing it.


You can tell the most popular authors and narrators when you place a hold on Overdrive or One Click Digital – there’ll be 25 or 17 people in line ahead of you. I’ve discovered authors and books that have enthralled me, scared me, made me burst out laughing. What a joy it is to love words.


Often, an author will not have their titles on the library websites in audio format, so I’ll purchase them if I’m really hooked. Not that I mind!


I find myself impatient with television and print material, even e-books. I like – no, want – to multi-task and be entertained. The clock is ticking. My concentration has become gnat-like for words on a page. Perhaps that’s from spending hours and hours on my iPad or at my keyboard flipping through articles online.

Am I worried? No. With my Bose sport earphones that fit tightly and never irritate, and a rousing story with vivid characters, I can escape the mundane and ugly events in the world for a while.


It’s a long weekend (although, being semi-retired, every weekend is a long one!) – Civic Holiday. Our beloved grandson turns 14 on Tuesday and starts high school on Wednesday. We mark the passage of time not in wrinkles and saggy body-parts, but in how much taller and smarter and beautiful our beloved young people get.

The weather is cooler today and the sky is restfully cloudy.  I’m off to do yard work for a few hours and exercise my mind and my body.


Hopefully the toad population will hear me coming and get out of the way of the whipper-snipper.