peaceThis has been a tough weekend, diet-wise. I don’t think that I fell that far off the wagon, but I certainly went over my calorie count and my step count has bottomed out. It didn’t help that the weather has been brutally frigid and the wind has whipped up dunes of snow hip-deep. The sun hasn’t been shining much, and I think the cumulative meteorological phenomenon of a mid-Canadian has gotten me down.

Instead of no wine or one glass of wine, I’ve satisfied myself with two. I’ve craved stir fried rice and baked potato and red meat, which I’ve eaten in moderation. Last night, I ate a small bowl (okay, to bowls) of homemade caramel pecan popcorn. It was so damned good. Sweet and salty. Crunchy and buttery. Today, we hosted my son and his family for brunch after my grandson’s hockey game. Vegetable quiche (sauteed onions steamed broccoli, 6 beaten eggs, 2 cups of half-and-half cream, 1 cup of freshly grated cheese), bacon, marinated salmon, baking powder biscuits with freezer gooseberry-currant jam. I’ve found that it tastes just as good without a crust. I limited myself to one slice of bacon and 1/9th of the square quiche, a biscuit and jam. It tasted damn good. The camaraderie made it even better. Lots of laughter.

When I entered all of my food choices into My Fitness Pal, the damned thing said I was 238 calories over my limit. Screw it. I’m still hungry. Watching 60 Minutes. Thinking about food. Perhaps I’ll go upstairs and row for 15 minutes. Otherwise, I’ll probably dig into the freezer downstairs and find some baked goods that I’m not supposed to eat. Not feeling very mindful right now. Or strong.