Have you ever had something that niggles at you, annoyed you until you thought you’d scream? Could be a person, place or thing, actually.Sounds and smells do it, too.

Today, mine is a bra  clasp – specifically the three hooks that rest against the middle of my spine to keep the over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder together and contain the floppage of frontal flesh. I’m thankful it’s not a case of ‘back-boob’ (that wedge of extra flesh squeezed between your armpit and a too-tight bra), but still, it’s a nuisance that’s making me grumpy.


The bra is an under $20 cheapie from Winners, so I suppose I shouldn’t complain. And it’s only been worn a few times. But of all the models I’ve bought in the last few years, this one has a couple of sharp spots that poke me every time I shift my body or raise my arms. I’ve taken it off, checked the seams, slipped whatever thread-whiskers I could find, but noooo, there’s still something there that is driving me mad.

At least when a person annoys you, you can step away or avoid them. Harder with such an intimate garment that’s supposed to hug your body and ‘lift and separate’. Yeah, I know. First World problem.

What was even stranger, was that when I went to Pixabay.com to search for a free photo of ‘bra’, in addition to the slutty renditions of women in underwear, I also got a clothes pin. Maybe that’s ‘bra’ in another language.


Just goes to show you how low my inspiration meter has sunk at the end of the week. But this is Thanksgiving weekend! Diet-schmiet! Time for turkey, stuffing, buckets of gravy, rice and peas, roast vegetables and desserts with ice cream.

And a change of brassiere, stat. What a lovely, old-fashioned word. Brassiere. This one is going into the bag for the Salvation Army store. Inexpensive is not worth discomfort.


Perhaps if I stare long enough at this young lady, I’ll get an idea for a new short story. One with lots of panting and button-popping and husky voices. Perhaps with chocolate and a fragrant bubble bath.

On the other hand, looking at those shoes, all I can think of is ‘ouch’.