Yesterday afternoon, I stopped complaining about the sudden heat and humidity and went for a brisk 20 minute walk before my massage with Wonderful Wendy of the Magical Hands. And…I ramped up the burn by jogging from our front lawn up the short street to the corner. Actually, I’ve always hated running. It’s not the getting sweaty part. I find that gaspy, tight-chest-mouth-open-to-gulp air thing unsightly. But hey, I have to run if I’m going to burn more calories. The distancet was probably 1oo meters…maybe 50 if I’m being honest, but I did it without crashing into a heap when I slowed down. It’s a start.

My role model is a tiny 99 year old black lady who runs races and breaks records. Her most recent was six days ago when she set a new world record for the 100 meter sprint at Gay Games (contestants didn’t have to be LGBTQ to enter). The temperature was over 80 degrees but that didn’t keep her from the track. Makes me feel like a wimp for trying to escape the heat. Although she came last, she still set a record for her age group (I can’t find out if there were any competitors, but who cares). Ida was widowed at a young age but that didn’t stop her. Being a black woman alone in America those days must have been incredibly difficult. My God but I admire her spirit.



What I loved most is that she said, “I close my eyes and count my blessings” and “have a purpose”. She trains with her adult daughter and lifts weights. Wow. I’m going to ask my sports-mad 14 year old granddaughter if she’ll be my coach.

It’s not going to be easy I know (because I’ve become lazy as well as fat), but I’ve found a new purpose. It’s back to the gym. Run a bit farther every time. Stop thinking about ‘can’t’ and focus on ‘can do’. Build up my stamina as I pound the track and build stronger bones. Yes, I can do this!

The one thing I’m not going to copy that Ida does is eat dinner for breakfast. Maybe when I’m over 90 that might make sense. Right now it would be too topsy-turvy what with all the other changes I plan to make.