rightsforwomenI’m just so furious. On the news today is the story about the three women who were kidnapped and abused by that freakish pervert A. Castro. It’s hard to fathom the depths of depravity driving his actions. Coward to the end, he committed suicide.

In Nigeria, eight more young women have been kidnapped by a militant Islamic group whose leader proclaims that Allah instructed them to take the 300+ girls and sell them as slave labourers or for the sex trade. infographic

Yet, our (I’ll save you!) Prime Minister is sending troops to Poland – Poland! – for some stupid macho exercises. He visited Ukraine to show them solidarity. For what? Why isn’t he as outraged about these abuses to young women who have done nothing wrong? Damn it. All they wanted was an education so that they could help their families have a better life. They aspired to be physicians and teachers, nurses and pharmacists. But some misogynist kerchiefed terrorist asshole can decide that they will just steal these girls, erase their happiness and destroy their lives? This is not the work of Allah but of savage, ignorant low-self esteem thugs who are allowed to wreak havoc.

plightofwomenI am appalled and disgusted that in 2014, the plight of women around the world is of no more importance than it was 100 years ago. There’s more concern shown about the KXL pipeline or some obscure amphibian in a muddy pool in Upper Butthole. Why is this happening? Women continue to be used as pawns. This is not god’s will.

I hate feeling helpless to do anything. I give money to Doctors without Borders and Orbis but it’s the men who run the world who have to be outraged. Where are the Muslims of the world? There are billions of them ans the could make a difference if they raised their voices in protest. Ordinarily, when they see some perceived slight, they’re front and centre. Islamic radicals have killed tens of thousands of their own people as well as soldiers from other countries who tried to make a difference. But these girls…they are Muslim, too. Why aren’t the Muslim leaders screaming for justice? Innocent girls. Do they not have any value as human beings?

#BringBackOurGirls. Let’s do something.