Food, glorious food. The movie Oliver had a catchy tune about it. Get a load of that table. No wonder they called it a ‘groaning board’. If you ate everything that was there, you’d certainly groan as you stumbled away from the table in search of an antacid. Or a barf bucket.

I’m on a theme here. After all, I have to disengage gradually lest I have a relapse. This is not quitting smoking or drugs, so there’s no need to go cold turkey, as it were. See, ‘cold turkey’. Food. Brined in a savoury bath then smoked for six hours before roasting in the barbecue. I don’t feel bad. Turkey – the white meat, anyway – is low in fat and high in protein. No gruel for me, thanks.

Today wasn’t too bad. Ate lightly for breakfast and lunch, did a noon time walk, ate lots of fruit, baked potato (yes, 1 tsp. butter) along with some smoked turkey casserole and salad for supper. Popcorn for snack. No wine. Back on track.