Oh my, but it seems we’ve turned a corner on winter. The big suckage is over. Goodbye, you cruel dominatrix. I’m not ready for tennis (never was) but I’m thinking it will will soon be deck time. We had our first steak BBQ tonight – Costco’s display of ribeye steaks looked so tempting, I did not resist. Hub fired up the stainless steel monster, I seasoned the steaks with some Keg spice mixture and splash of olive oil and we sat at the kitchen table with out Caesar salad making ummm, ummm sounds as we sliced it into little mouthfuls and savored every bite..

IMG_0048-001I did a turn around the back yard yesterday afternoon and was shocked at the rows of dog poop that the neighbour’s aging mutt has deposited over the last few months. Amazing that he has the energy to chase rabbits and squirrels across our lawn but he’s too decrepit to crap on his own property. Maybe he’s saving his energy for the single’s scene?

I swear he sneaks over when we’re not watching to deposit his steaming piles. If I open the window and yell, he just looks over his shoulder as if to say, ‘aw, give me a break, I’m not done’. I’ll have to get out my shovel and flip the mounds back over the property line just so that they know that ‘we are not amused’.

Oh well, that’s the price we pay for not having fences. Time to get the pruning shears sharpened – the fruit trees are waiting to be trimmed.