Beck Diet Solution ‘Think Thin Thursday’ tip: Cravings do not just get worse and worse until you can’t stand it. Cravings are like waves – they swell and then recede. Cravings always go away, even if you never put a bite of food in your mouth. If you wait it out, it will go away! And if you get distracted, it will go away even more quickly.

Certified trainer Samantha Schramm talks about Fitbit’s Spring Clean: Toss Out 3 Weight Loss Myths and Get Fit the Right Way:

Myth #1: “Getting fit” means “Losing weight.” Truth: Getting fit means lowering your body fat percentage.
Myth #2: All weight loss is good. Truth: Fat loss within a healthy range is good, but muscle loss can have long-term health consequences.
Myth #3: Excessive calorie restriction paired with cardio-only workouts lead to success Truth: Extreme programs can trigger stress responses that keep fat on.

i_pledgeimage-744x1024Here’s her Tip: To make sustainable changes in your body health and appearance, it’s important to make sure to burn fat and build muscle. So in addition to tracking weight, be sure to track both body fat percentage and lean mass percentage with a tool like the Aria Smart Scale. Body fat percentage is the portion of your body made up of fat cells. Lean mass percentage is everything else: muscle, organs, bones, water, etc. Together, they add up to 100% of your body composition.

Bottom line: moderation in all things, maintain balance and don’t feel that you have to suffer to lose weight.

The occasional glass of wine or a cookie will not derail fat loss efforts but you have to consistently keep up your exercise and healthy eating regimen. I can do that!