REDFLO~1Monday Motivation

Dieting is not all-or-nothing. It’s not as if your only two options are to eat no food you really want, or to eat every bite of food you want. There is so much middle ground between those two things and successful dieting/healthy eating is about finding a balance that works for you.

Aw, gee. I’ve been busted.

The Beck Diet Solution is based on the cognitive (thinking) behavioral approach to weight loss – using the power of your mind to build lasting change. I just read this on the Beck Diet Solutions newsletter archive website: “When we begin working with new dieters, we find they often have sabotaging thoughts that start with the phrase, “I’m entitled to eat this because. . . ” and they fill in the blank with many different reasons: “I’m stressed/I’m upset/ I’m tired/ I’m bored/ I’ve been good all day/ I’m celebrating, etc. In order to help dieters overcome these entitlement thoughts, we first help them realize that what they’re feeling entitled to do (i.e., eat) is separate from their emotional state (happy/sad/bored/stressed, etc.). We remind dieters that if they’re upset, they may very well be entitled to feel comfort, but if they want to receive all the benefits of permanent weight loss, their comfort can’t come from food. Similarly, if dieters are feeling stressed, they may be entitled to feel calmer, but if they want to get all the benefits of permanent weight loss, relief can’t come from food. In any given situation, dieters may be entitled to feel a certain way (calm, celebratory, stimulated, comforted), but that does not mean they should eat in order to achieve their desired feeling.”

I say that every day. I did 10 flights of stairs so I can have that glass of wine with dinner. Or a fresh baked cookie.

It’s easy to do. But now, no more excuses. I’ve started listening to the four DVDs I bought so long ago about the Beck Diet Solution. Just because I don’t always like the message, I can’t deny that it is right on point. For the next week, I’m going to post one of their motivational messages. I have the books. Now I just have to dig them out, re-read them and stop making excuses.