Gee, I thought I’d posted this from poolside in Mazatlan but when I checked the list, there was a note beside the draft that said “Missed schedule”. Well that’s a bummer. There I was all slathered with sunscreen and excited about doing distant blogging. Didn’t work. Hmmm. Never let a post go to waste, says I….so here it is. Flashback to February 27th.


Oh my goodness. I’m reading Toronto newspapers on my iPad and feeling smug. It’s another record cold day in southern Ontario. How much to do I care? Not an awful lot right now because we’re in Mexico. The resort is stunning – a vast, jungle-like property (without the bugs and lizards) and to get from one end to the other, we dial #6000 and they send a golf cart for us. Magnifico! Sunrise, sunset, the temperature is just moist enough so that my skin feels silky and warm enough  in the sun so that a cerveza negro at lunch is welcome. The food is great and it is quiet, quiet, quiet.


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I’m lounging under an umbrella, a soothing beverage in hand, soaking up the sun, thinking about writing, perhaps jotting down a few notes, hanging out with Hub.  Bliss.