I haven’t been writing here very much – I’ve been working on my novel, trying to get it edited so I can download it to my iPad and work on it while we’re on holidays. Hub wants to read it again, so the pressure was on.

I submitted by first 5000 words to a contest called the Unhanged Author, for unpublished crime/mystery novels. If I make the long-list, they’ll want the entire manuscript by November 15th. Which means I have to knuckle down and tidy up the ending. Decide on an ending. Yikes.

2015-10-07 10.52.20

Does she find her long-lost father? Does he stay unfound? I’m not sure yet. This is the first of a series and I have half of the next book written, so any decisions I make will affect that. Using Scrivener to do my drafts makes it a heck of a lot easier.

We’re off to South Korea and Thailand. The history of the country is fascinating. Of course I’ll be doing the museum/temples slog. I can’t wait for our tour of the DMZ. The conflict in Korea is one of my earliest memories. The next one was the Cuban Missile Crisis. Odd, isn’t it, how much of an impression they made on my young mind? Most recently? Gangnam Style.

Hub has a few business meetings set up. We’re going to visit Songdo – a complete modern city build from the ground up. They even have a replica of Central Park. No garbage collection – refuse sweeps to the processing plants through underground tubes. Here’s a promotional video you might find interesting. What a country of contrasts.


The food, language and pace will be amazing, I know. Can’t wait!

Yes, I’ll write and send photos.