Good grief. Where has the day gone? I’ve been ironing like a mad fiend (more on that later), sewing a wardrobe of new skirts, sitting outside wallowing in the glorious sunshine and writing, writing, writing. I’ve lost track of time.

My WordPress dashboard looks all stripped down for some reason. I can’t insert media. Damn it, something has been updated but I don’t know why or by whom. Wasn’t me. Wasn’t my trusty WebMan.Not only am I late writing my post, now I can’t figure out how to get what I want to post. Went to GOogle – nothing comes up. Argggghhhh. I hope I haven’t been hacked. Didn’t need this aggravation.

My apologies. I’m going for a walk. I’ll try again tomorrow. Enjoy, be grateful, hug someone you care for.