Well, what a conundrum. This is a situation not even Dear Abby might be able to answer. What do you do/say when meeting a friend you haven’t seen in seven years and as you walk into sight, he exclaims, “You’ve lost a lot of weight.” Then he hugs me and says, “Wow.”

beforeafterOf course I was speechless as I thought of how to respond. Garry is a lovely man and I’ve known him for years. He’s a straight-shooter so I knew he was being honest. But what to say? He’s the inspiration for my non-fiction book on policing and my beta reader, so I had to tread gently.

I was happy that he’d noticed I’d been working on trimming my shape and weight, but sort of dismayed that it was so obvious. I’d never thought of myself as BIG, at least not big enough that losing some fat was so noticeable when some of it went away. I’ll never be as thin as I was when I was 21 – my 24 inch waist is long gone thanks to children and decades of good food and wine. But I’m working on getting healthier so that I can age gracefully and stay strong.

As Hub and Gary and I strolled into the restaurant (Salty’s, where I had haddock and chips for lunch – water only, no beer or wine, no dessert), I wondered how hefty I must have been if he noticed such a difference in body size. I mean, how accurately do you remember someone you haven’t seen since 2007 or so? To be honest, I knew that things were different, though.

curvyThe other day I tried on a cherry red blazer that’s probably 15 years old. I remember buying it at Nordstrom’s in Louisville, Kentucky while on a businesses trip. I still love the colour – it makes me feel happy. But the shoulder pads screamed 1998 and the seams dragged off my shoulders. The hem was way too long to be flattering and the body had no shaping whatsoever. For a few moments, as I assessed the fashion disaster in the mirror, I considered altering it to make it more 2014, then my other voice said, “No, dummy. Give it to Goodwill. Either buy some new fabric and make something that fits you like a glove or just buy a new bloody blazer.” What else could I say but, “Yes, of course. How sensible.”

In the end, as I got ready to turn on my recorder to capture Garry’s impromptu interview for my book, I said, “Thank you.”