Sunday was a spectacular day. Slight breeze, gorgeous clear skies, no humidity. My granddaughter asked what I did today.  On my ‘day of rest’.  That made me laugh out loud.

First, breakfast – a bowl of crunchy Wholesome Hemp cereal with low fat milk and a cup of blueberries. Fresh brewed coffee. Orange juice. What made it all the tastier was sitting outside under the umbrella and, in between bites, staring out at the emerald green lawn and the waves of birds swooping from tree to tree. Put in a load of laundry. Folded some towels. Did some writing and catching up on emails. Check Facebook – it was a quiet day, as it should be. I’m hoping everyone was enjoying the weather. Dishes.

The big job was to finish painting the wooden table and chairs we bought at Ikea years ago. The original finish faded very fast and peeled like mad, even though it was always under the pergola out of the sun and covered up with a tarp during the winter. The past few years I’ve been applying a semi-transparent stain but it looked like crap and it peeled just as fast as if it had been sandblasted, no matter how thoroughly I prepared the finish. I love painting. In fact, I’d rather paint the inside walls than wash them. One of the few things I have organized in the garage is my bin of paint supplies – rollers in different widths, paint pads, drop cloths, synthetic and natural paint brushes. The outside furniture was getting me down, though. What to do, what to do?

1200px-India_-_Painting_a_staircase_-_0063A couple of years ago, I stripped the finish off our oak stair spindles, had to sand then prime them and hen paint them. What a pain in the buttsky that was. Took me weeks and I cursed every one of those carved sticks of wood.

Well, I’ve found a new paint-love at Home Depot – BEHR PREMIUM PLUS ULTRA Exterior paint. Primer and paint in one can, which means I don’t have to sand, prime than wipe and paint. It’s washable, so all of the paint I get on my old clothes and on my skin will come off with a light scrubbing. I didn’t care that it costs $52 a can either – my time is worth twice that! When I opened the can and stuck in the paint stick, it stood up straight – the contents were as thick as pudding. A good sign. When I poured it into the paint tray, it oozed out – another good sign about coverage and adherence. Once I got started, I was in heaven. No smell – not such a big deal since I was outside, but good to know that the product is not choked with chemicals. Easy to apply, looked absolutely fabulous when it was dry. One big table and six chairs with lots of slats and nooks and crannies.

I am one happy painter. Now, it’s on to the garage doors x three and our new backyard shed. I’m really pumped. And my back didn’t scream too much at me, either. Everything’s coming up roses…oh, I forgot. The weeks of relentless -25 weather killed all of our roses. Never mind. I’ll go buy some other tougher flowering shrubs. Yup, another project.