Ever since the government declared a ban on chemical pesticides (at least the ones that worked), two things have happened:

1. it’s a daily battle to keep all sorts of noxious weeds from taking over the lawn, and

2. all manner of wild life have not only returned, they’ve flourished in our idyllic back yard where the only predator is the occasional low-flying red-tailed hawk.

rodentI’ve already mentioned the flocks of quarrelsome birds making their cases early in the morning. During the rest of the day, we’re treated to swoops of winged creatures in all colours. Their songs fill the trees with music. Sitting out on the deck last night, the rancid smell of skunk drove us indoors – and it was only about seven o’clock. I confess, I have an assortment of gorgeous bird houses and feeders but I’ve given up filling them. First of all, good quality birdseed costs as much as cashews, Second, the damned squirrels and grackles pig out, spraying seeds in a wide swath and fattening up the field mice that then invade out house when the weather gets cooler.

Squirrels are basically bigger rats that hop instead of slink through the grass. There’s one that has caught our eye the last two years – a greyish fat rodent with a tail that looks like it’s been put through a shredder. He obviously eats well. I haven’t been able to get close enough to snap a photo, but from a distance, it looks all sunburned and nakedly gross. This is the same twit who tries to bury golf balls in flower planters or black walnuts in the corner of the deck behind the barbecue. Mother Nature, this isn’t funny.