Today was one of those days. Gorgeously sunny and warm with only a hint of breeze.
Oh, but there’s so much to do and of course I’ve left most of it until the last minute. I’ve got a long list of chores to do as Hub and I get ready for our annual Family & Friends BBQ. It’s a potluck, themed as Beers of the World. Each couple was assigned a country and will bring a selection of beverages and food so that everyone can have a sample. Last year, we had over 20 people and it was one of the hottest weekends of the year. I think at one point it was 45 degrees out on the deck in the sun. The kids didn’t care, though and it gave the adults another reason to imbibe samples of some amazing new beers.

Food is done. Freezing the garnished juice for the dispenser of non-alcoholic drinks – done. Should I make cupcakes? Not tonight. I did put the container for the ice cream freezer in to chill, in case I want to whip up some raspberry sorbet. Laundry. Sweep. Wash the floors. Clean the bathrooms. Cut armloads of flowers for decoration. What am I going to wear? Fire up the air conditioner. Decorate the tables inside and out. Enjoy.

Have a fabulous Canada Day weekend, everyone!